Coaching for Organizations
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Coaching for Organizations

From start to finish, our organizational coaching initiatives are designed for impact.
The benefits extend from the individual to the entire organization, providing both with improved productivity and performance.

Organizational Coaching benefits include:

  • Aligning individual performance with team and organizational objectives
  • Maximizing and leveraging strengths
  • Increasing and enhancing communication between managers, direct reports and teams
  • Helping individuals take ownership and responsibility for their behaviors and actions
  • Encouraging individuals to stretch beyond their assumed constraints

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Organizational Change
What is supporting your organizational change initiative? How do your leaders get help in addressing their challenges with the new direction of the organization? What is the cost to the organization of not moving effectively and efficiently through the change initiative?

Organizational Coaching provides a platform where individuals and can discuss challenges, concerns and appropriate actions they need to take in a safe and objective environment. Coaches working in this arena help individuals achieve balance between their own needs and those of the overall organizational change objectives.

One organization needed to retain key employees during the process of transforming its structure from a traditional hierarchical pyramid to a flat structure. With support from their coaches, the leaders found an environment for problem solving and venting without doing damage to key organizational relationships. Through the coaching, relationships between managers and their direct reports improved. Of the several key people who stayed with the company, one said "coaching was the glue that kept me in the organization."

Strategic Alignment
What keeps your senior leaders up at night? Who can they talk to about these things?

Strategic Alignment coaching initiatives help leaders meet their strategic goals and expand those goals throughout the organization. The use of Impact Maps supports strategic objectives at all levels in the organization, and leaders are coached to understand how their individual contributions have a significant impact on the greater team.

Development of Leadership “Bench Strength”
This coaching is for high potential, fast-trackers who are vital to the organization. It provides the support they need to reach maximum effectiveness as quickly as possible.

Sales Leader Development
Our Sales coaching offering is customized to support the efforts of sales leaders and sales teams. With its emphasis on sales productivity and highly leveraged activities, the laser focus of this coaching solution has a direct impact on helping individuals and organizations achieve revenue goals and other key sales performance objectives.

Coaching To Support Learning
Study after study has shown the dramatic results of pairing coaching with training. One, for example, found that training alone increased productivity by 22.4 percent. But when followed up with coaching, the figure soared to 88 percent. *

Our open Web-based platform allows us to adapt one-on-one coaching to specific training programs, increasing their overall impact. These highly adaptable services can support a wide range of third-party content, including such popular programs as the Situational Leadership® II and Situational Self Leadership® courses developed by The Ken Blanchard Companies®.

Now organizations can reinforce their training initiatives, adding value to their human resource investment. Meanwhile, individuals can make the leap from learning to action, and put their newly acquired skills and knowledge to work each and every day.

* Public Personnel Management Magazine, Winter 1997.


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