The Process
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The Process

By combining a team of seasoned, highly credentialed coaches with a proprietary Web-based platform, extends the benefits of coaching beyond the executive boardroom
providing flexible and cost-effective services to all levels of the organization.

This process allows companies to reap the rewards of coaching on a broad scale.

  1. Professional, certified coaches receive orientation to the client organization's needs, vision, and strategic priorities before the coaching begins.
  2. Impact Maps are created to link the individual's roles and responsibilities with the objectives and strategies of the organization.
  3. Once the organizational and coaching context is established, coaches are matched with clients
  4. Coaches and clients work one-on-one, drawing on online tools and resources during focused, high-impact telephone sessions.
  5. Coaching sessions are typically conducted twice per month for an hour.
  6. Coaches and clients access behavior models, capture key action steps, track progress, and highlight key insights--all within a confidential virtual workspace--by using a web-enhanced coaching platform and intelligent database system.
  7. can also aggregate and analyze company-wide trends to provide new insights into organizational strengths, gaps and potential areas of focus, while information relative to each individual remains strictly confidential.



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