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Former Seattle Resident is Helping to Change
Organizations One Life at a Time
Linda Miller Named to Executive Team of New Venture Launched by Ken Blanchard, Coauthor of The One Minute Manager®

SEATTLE, WA – Linda Miller, a former Seattle resident, known nationally and internationally as a pioneer in the coaching profession, has been named Vice
President of Coaching Services for service and technology offshoot of The Ken Blanchard Companies, which more than 20 years ago set a benchmark in corporate training with its Situational Leadership® II development program.

" Just as great athletes make huge gains with the help of their coaches, people at all levels in business are seeing phenomenal results through support from business coaches,” says Ken Blanchard, who revolutionized management with the three secrets revealed in The One Minute Manager. “Our economy is very Wall Street-sensitive right now. Many organizations have to achieve desired results with fewer people and most are seeking ways to maximize productivity at all levels. Coaching creates that environment where people can contribute, achieve, and flourish,” says Blanchard. “It results in employees who learn, grow, and seize their potential as individuals, and companies that increase productivity and retention.” is the result of the vision of Scott Blanchard, Ken Blanchard’s son, who serves as the new company’s CEO. It developed the world’s first Web-based coaching platform that, combined with a team of seasoned, highly credentialed coaches, creates a way to scale the benefits achieved from one-on-one executive coaching throughout organizations.

Before joining forces with, Miller spent years coaching clients and training other coaches, and recognized that if individual coaching could be scalable to the organizational level it had the promise of being a powerful tool for human development. “I knew intuitively that coaching would improve organizational learning, retention, and productivity on a large scale,” says Miller. “But, I didn’t get a chance to see it first hand until I began working exclusively in organizations and was able to follow a few companies over several years. The results were remarkable.”

Miller says that her work in organizations has proven to her that individual coaching achieves bottom results, but she recognized that delivering top-notch coaching on a large scale at a reasonable price required resolutions for issues that include practical matters such as scheduling, obtaining and measuring results, and more sensitive topics such as confidentiality. “All of these must be addressed up front when contracting for coaching services,” says Miller.

" looked at the problems that are inherent in large-scale coaching programs and ended up building a Web-based platform that thinks like a coach thinks, but gives more ways to explore issues and approaches,” Blanchard says. “It is better than any one individual can be—each coach can tap into a rich storehouse of resources and become a ‘super coach,’ so to speak.”

As’s Vice President of Coaching Services, Miller oversees recruiting, training and development of all the coaches, supervises the delivery of coaching to organizations, and maintains the consistency of the coaching approach in all areas of the company. As a benefit to organizations that are served, Miller continues to work on the coaches’ professional development by observing their coaching, offering timely and honest feedback, and bringing to their attention any areas that can be strengthened.

Miller, who is a founding recipient of the Master Certified Coach credential from the international Coach Federation—an honor held by fewer than 300 individuals to date—is partnering with Madeleine Homan,’s Chief Coaching Officer, to create an innovative program titled “High Yield Coaching for Leaders.” The program—which rolled out nationally to a preview audience on Oct. 11—is a coaching skills transfer experience for managers and executives who themselves have benefited from coaching and want to develop their own coaching skills.

Miller says “When I started my coaching practice in 1995, I would never have dreamed that the world of coaching would grow to the proportions it has. Our first International Coach Federation Conference had 250 people. This past August we had more than 1,100 people. “Obviously coaching is becoming a standard professional service offering, and people are recognizing its benefits,” says Miller.

" Coaching is a specific process that creates a compelling environment for growth and effective action. Coaching provides something that people simply cannot get anywhere else. I feel extremely privileged to be able to help people this way,” says Miller. “It is thrilling to be able to make a significant difference—one that shows up on the bottom line.”

Miller helped launch Corporate Coach U, a sister company of Coach U. She is also a member of the National Speakers Association, and is a sought after speaker at national and international conferences. In 1996, Miller co-founded the Puget Sound Chapter of the International Coach Federation in Seattle and served as a co-leader until 2001 when she moved to Phoenix, AZ. During her professional coaching career, Miller has coached individuals and delivered several coaching programs for large organizations that include Boeing, Microsoft, Duke Energy, Delta Faucet, Catapult, and several of the big five consulting firms.

Additional information about Miller is available by calling 623-551-0317. Additional information about is available at or by phoning 1-800-993-1600.



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