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Positive Findings Released About Organizational Coaching.
An Independent Study Shows that a Global Telecom Successfully Addressed Organizational Change While Realizing More Than a 10:1 ROI on Its
Investment in a Coaching Initiative

SAN DIEGO, November 20, 2001 --—the world’s front-runner in
coaching at the organizational level—released the findings today of an independent
study which indicates that coaching provides positive support during organizational change and brings measurable results through retention-related savings and increased revenue from enhanced productivity.

An independent research study by Michigan-based Triad Performance Technologies, shows that a six-month intervention at a well-known global telecom company* resulted in more than a $2 million positive and immediate impact to its bottom line.

The global telecom experienced hyper growth in the late 1990’s?moving from zero revenues to more than a half-billion in just six years. Rapid success typically has a big price tag—in this case it resulted in high turnover rates among managers with an estimated aggregate cost of over $40 million per year.—which developed the innovative technology platform that allows one-on-one coaching to be scaled throughout an organization—designed a coaching initiative that included 67 of the global telecom’s district and regional sales managers. The Triad study reports that the coaching initiative brought positive and measurable results in four key areas: 1) Retention of critical sales managers and other top performers led to increased sales; 2) Managers and their direct reports have more effective working relationships; 3) Erosion in the company’s customer base was turned around with improved customer satisfaction; and 4) Increased revenues have resulted because average performers are now exceeding their goals.

" I have been engaged in completing hundreds of these impact evaluations. In my opinion, the business impact that the global telecom has and will continue to get as a result
of the coaching is in the top two or three in total impact I have ever seen,” says Triad’s Dennis Dressler who complied the study.
* The actual client name is not used in the report to ensure confidentiality.

This is corroborated by the telecom’s vice president of sales who says “it has been, without condition, the most successful training and development initiative that I have seen employees embrace in 20 years.”

The interviews conducted as a part of the study revealed that several managers who had considered leaving the company made decisions to stay primarily based on the coaching program and the way it changed their experiences at work. According to Dressler, the company calculates that retention of these managers in itself saved $2 million, and longer-term return recognized from their sales is yet to be measured.

" Coaching has long been used to increase individual human performance, whether in sports or business. Our theory was that if corporate coaching could move beyond ‘executive coaching,’ which has proven successful for top management, and be employed throughout organizations, critical alignments could be forged between individual achievements and desired organizational outcomes,” says Blanchard. “We developed a scalable web-based technology that expands coaching by organizing it in a methodical framework that allows deployment to larger populations.”

According to Madeleine Homan,’s Chief Coaching Officer who co-founded the new venture with Blanchard, the company’s proprietary coaching approach also allows organizations to maximize their return on investment in training programs. "The Triad interviews show that learning was reinforced through one-on-one sessions where individuals worked with their coaches to practice newly-acquired skills and behaviors,” says Homan. “This coaching process allowed participants to work on new behaviors over time, create shifts that otherwise might not have occurred during the training itself, and integrate what they learned from coaching directly into their jobs,” she says.

" A quality assurance survey conducted after the coaching sessions indicated that individual clients were highly satisfied,” says Homan. “Post-initiative surveys show that 92 percent were highly satisfied with their coaching experience, 90 percent agreed that coaching was a good investment of personal time and organizational resources, and 86
percent agreed that both the individuals and the organization were significantly benefiting from the coaching.

" The study result show that within this global telecom, the coaching sessions have proven to be significantly effective in helping the organization productively and profitably manage change,” says Blanchard. “The managers now understand the link between their performance and the success of the organization,” he says. Blanchard adds that has similar trials going at organizations in other industry sectors, and although final results are yet to tabulated, early reports indicate that there will be similar, positive impacts.

Information about the study and is available at or by phoning 1-800-993-1600.


Scott Blanchard
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Scott is the creator and passionate champion of’s vision and a tireless advocate of coaching in the workplace.

As a Blanchard family member and part owner of The Ken Blanchard Companies, he represents that organization’s “next generation of leadership”—those who are charged with leading the business into the future. Scott served as a consulting partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies for more than six years, leading major training interventions at Sprint, Black & Decker, General Motors, Honda, and Kodak. He was the principle architect of Blanchard’s strategic alliance with Ninth House Learning Network—a platform that provides engaging e-learning solutions to teach employees crucial business and communication skills by delivering multiple channels of interactive programming to the user’s desktop.

In addition to serving as’s CEO, he is the liaison for its alliances with Ninth House and the Ken Blanchard Companies.

Madeleine Homan, MCC, Chief Coaching Officer

With more than 10 years of experience as a certified business coach, Madeleine was an original advisory Board Member and Senior Trainer at Coach University, and is currently the Vice President for Professional Development for the International Coach Federation of which she is a founding board member. During her professional coaching career, Homan has designed several coaching programs for large organizations which include PictureTel, Credit Suisse, Forrester Research, Lucent Technologies, and several of the big five consulting firms. She was the Head Coach and Project Manager for a coaching initiative at a New York investment bank, which rolled out coaching to support a new competency-based performance system to 2100 employees.



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