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Coaching Improves Productivity
By Madeleine Homan and Linda Miller

As James Anderson and Sharon McDade chatted while waiting for their conference call to begin, they realized how far their organization had come in the six months since they recommended that coaching be provided for managers. In the beginning no one was quite sure how the initiative would unfold, but now sixty-five people with supervisory responsibilities were being coached. The positive impacts were evident not only for the managers, but also their direct reports—improvements that were starting to show up on the company’s bottom line.

"Research shows that relationships considerably change for the better when people get coaching, and enhanced relationships lead to increased productivity,” says Master-Certified Coach Madeleine Homan.

"Many businesses try to increase productivity without assessing the heart of their people or understanding what is most important to them,” says Homan. “We know now that driving people harder is not the answer—that has been shown in poor productivity numbers and high turnover rates,” she says. “The secret to improving productivity lies in helping people make the connection between their personal priorities and those of the organization. Coaching has proven to help people make that connection.”

Michigan-based Triad Performance Technologies, Inc. studied and evaluated the impact of coaching support on 67 regional and district sales managers within the large telecom environment where they worked. Positive results were achieved in several key areas, which led to an estimated $2 million profitability impact from the group receiving the coaching.

Seventy-seven percent of those in the Triad study reported improved relationships with their direct reports, 53 percent reported being more productive, 67 percent reported improved teamwork, 61 percent reported improved job satisfaction, while 48 percent observed better over-all quality.

"Triad’s study shows that people and performance are positively changed by using a coaching process,” says Linda Miller, a Master-Certified Coach who has focused on coaching within the corporate arena since 1995. “This is because mangers who are involved in coaching tend to utilize more effective communication skills with their direct reports and coworkers, and therefore the flow of information about expectations, needs and desired results improves from both directions,” says Miller.

Numerous other studies including those completed by Xerox, Manchester, Inc., Public Personnel Management Journal, IBM, and show that coaching positively influences productivity, customer service and retention of best employees. “Coaching helps make a company a more attractive place to work,” says Miller. “It helps resolve the paradox organizations face relative to keeping good people while pushing them to achieve corporate goals.”

A recent study cited in the prestigious Public Personnel Management Journal found that the typical management training program increases a manager's productivity by a respectable 22 percent, but when combined with eight-weeks of one-to-one coaching, the manager’s productivity exploded to more than 85 percent.
Madeleine Homan serves as Chief Coaching Officer for During her 10-year professional coaching career, she has designed coaching programs for large organizations which include PictureTel, Credit Suisse, Forrester Research, and Lucent Technologies. She was the Head Coach and Project Manager for a coaching initiative at a New York investment bank, which rolled out coaching to 2100 employees. Homan was an original advisory Board Member and Senior Trainer at Coach University, and is currently the Vice President for Professional Development for the International Coach Federation of which she is a founding board member

Linda Miller who serves as’s Vice President of Coaching, is a founding recipient of the Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation—an honor held by fewer than 300 individuals to date She is also a member of the National Speakers Association, and is a sought after speaker at national and international conferences. During her professional coaching career, Miller has coached individuals and delivered numerous coaching programs for large organizations that include Boeing, Microsoft, Duke Energy, Delta Faucet, Catapult, and several of the big five consulting firms.

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