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n a Tight Economy, a Better Return on Investment is Essential …Coaching Helps Increase ROI by Ensuring the Success of Training Programs
By Merry Lee Olson

Research compiled by—a San Diego-based coaching company—shows that organizations providing one-on-one coaching in conjunction with training attain a better return on the investment they make in training programs.

An independent study by Michigan-based Triad Performance Technologies, Inc. studied and evaluated the impact of coaching support on 67 regional and district sales managers within a large telecom organization. Positive results were achieved in several key areas, which led to an estimated $2 million profitability impact from the group receiving the coaching. Top performers remained in their jobs, positive work environments were created, and revenue increased as individuals exceeded their goals.

Triad’s findings are corroborated by well-known research from Florida-based Manchester Consulting, which reveals that coaching dramatically improves working relationships between supervisors, direct reports, and their respective teams. Manchester says it has direct experience demonstrating that this process does have a lasting impact on the individuals who participate in it, on the larger organization of which they are a part, and on the organization’s financial bottom line. The Manchester study shows the most significant improvements among mangers occurs in the area of business relationships.

"This is because mangers who are involved in coaching tend to utilize more effective coaching skills with their direct reports and coworkers,” says Linda Miller, a Master-Certified Coach who has focused on the launch and expansion of coaching within the corporate arena since 1995. “Seventy-seven percent of those in the Triad study reported improved relationships with their direct reports, 67 percent reported improved teamwork, 61 percent reported improved job satisfaction, 53 percent reported being more productive, while 48 percent observed better over-all quality,” she says.

Additional studies conducted by have shown coaching enhances individual performance by supporting the application of new skills and content learned in training. According to Scott Blanchard, CEO, coaching keeps training “top of mind” for the participant long after the training is over. “Coaching has been proven to be an effective and dynamic process that drives the sustainability of training, therefore enhancing the return on investment,” says Blanchard.

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