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What Is Coaching?
By Merry Lee Olson in Collaboration with Linda Miller, MCC, and Madeleine Homan, MCC

Coaching can have a range of definitions depending on whom you are talking with and their interpretation of what coaching is.

The International Coach Federation (the governing board of coaches) describes it this way—“coaching is an intentional process that creates a compelling environment for growth and effective action.”

Another way to say it is coaching is a one-on-one process and a relationship (commonly done over the phone) between an individual and a coach, with specific objectives and goals focused on developing potential, improving relationships and enhancing performance.

What do coaches do?
Some of what a coach does with a client includes:
• Creating a safe environment in which people see themselves clearly. They do this by listening, asking focused questions, reflecting back, challenging and acknowledging the client.

• Assisting the client in understanding how to grow and thrive by championing, advocating and standing for the client’s best self.

• Having the client set an agenda so that the client is pulled forward (rather than requiring a push!).

• Asking for more intentional thought, action and behavior changes than the client would have asked of him or herself.

• Injecting just the right amount of dynamic tension in a client’s life to compel the client to want to take action and effect positive change.

Simply put, a coach moves a client from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow and they do this by items noted above.

Why Hire A Coach?
Many successful business people engage a Coach. While everyone's goal is different, a common objective is to bridge the gap between where you are professionally and personally and where you want to be.

Most people, after learning about coaching, hearing what it is and how it works, see how it will be beneficial to them in setting and achieving goals to move their business and/or professional lives forward.

Some typical reasons for hiring a Coach are to
• Set better goals
• Reach your goals faster
• Make significant changes
• Get ahead professionally
• Make better decisions
• Have someone to collaborate with
• Become a better manager, executive or businessperson
• Become Internet-savvy
• Get better organized and use time more effectively
• Focus on the resolution of a business problem

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