Frequently Asked Questions

Are seats required for everyone?

How many active engagements are allowed per seat?

Does everyone need to come to this site to set up an account?

What's the cost of listing your profile on the Marketplace?

How secure is

Can I cancel a seat anytime?

If I do not purchase or renew my seat will I still have access to my uploaded content and data?

What’s an active engagement?

Can I add people to my account for free?

If a coach no longer needs a seat, can I assign it to another coach?

Are the Free plans really free?

If I start out with a Coach plan, can I switch to a Business plan?

What happens if all my seats are in use and I try to activate an engagement for a new coach?

Do the Business Plans include a coach seat with the base fee?

Do you issue refunds?

What are's processing fees?

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