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The Neuroscience of Intuition

A 3-part system to improve coaching outcomes with Ann Betz

With Ann Betz

90 minLIVE, Interactive


1 ToolNeuroscience based
Coaching Tool

Discover The Little-Known
Science of Intuition

As a skilled coach, you have a natural talent for showing clients their hidden habits without even realising it - this is what we call 'intuition.'

But do you truly
understand intuition?

Are you making the
most of its power?

Intuition is more than just a gut feeling. It's a subconscious complex system which involves your brain, your body, and the shared consciousness of everyone.

What if you had access
to its power, what
would you do?

What breakthroughs
could it bring to
your clients?

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The Neuroscience of Intuition

A 3-part system to improve coaching outcomes with Ann Betz -  programs noc sq sign

With Ann Betz

90 minLIVE, Interactive


1 ToolNeuroscience based
Coaching Tool

You'll explore all three main areas of the “complex intuition system". A unique, scientifically validated way of understanding the many ways we access intuition that brings together the brain, the shared consciousness. Deepen your connections with clients, and uncover new areas for growth for your clients in your coaching sessions.

Join the 90-minute
Masterclass to:

Understand intuition as a science, not a mystical phenomenon, so you can study it, understand it, and lead your clients to a greater trust in their own intuition.

Learn the intriguing relationship between intuition and the brain to help your clients push past obstacles to greater breakthroughs.

Develop a deeper, intuitive connection with your clients so you can better understand their unspoken needs and fears.

Explore the 5 aspects of brain intuition to understand the way your mind reacts to this deeper level of knowing so you can put it into action.

Utilize 3 aspects of body intuition in your sessions, so you can gain insights 'below conscious processing', and help your clients tap into bodily cues.

Unravel the 'wormhole' aspects of collective consciousness so you can broaden your coaching perspective beyond physical explanations.

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Success Stories

What people
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“Learning from Ann has been a game-changer for me. Her coaching expertise has elevated my skills and transformed my relationship with my clients.” -  programs noc sq rev 1?v2 -  programs noc sq rev 1 Debasis Sengupta
Business and Executive Coach

“Ann is very knowledgeable in the whole area of neuroscience and emerging that learning in the field, with coaching applications.” -  programs noc sq rev 2?v2 -  programs noc sq rev 2 David Cooke
Performance Coach & Organisational Strategist

“Ann's courses are amazing, and I'd love to take them on a regular basis. I just love her style, her knowledge, and her enthusiasm.” -  programs noc sq rev 3?v2 -  programs noc sq rev 3 Judy Cirullo
Business and Executive Coach

“I get a lot of anxious, overwhelmed people. It's been incredibly helpful and empowering for them to understand what happens in their brain. ” -  programs noc sq rev 4?v2 -  programs noc sq rev 4 Kare Viola
Leadership and Executive Coach

“I'm floored by the results I've obtained using one tool on different clients. I'm amazed by the responses, especially from middle managers - they're showing remarkable and inspiring transformations that are truly mind-blowing.” -  programs noc sq rev 5?v3 -  programs noc sq rev 5?v3 Mary Simon
Business and Executive Coach

“Everything I've learned here has found its rightful place in my work. Be it in facilitation or group coaching, I can apply these insights seamlessly. I'm thrilled at how this course resonates with my practice.” -  programs noc sq rev 6?v3 -  programs noc sq rev 6?v3 Monika Himpelmann
Leadership Coach -  ..  programs noc sq banner guided background?v2

In this free Masterclass,
you'll be guided to:

Masterclass Dates

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28 Sep 10 AM
3 Oct 4 PM
4 Oct 10 AM
5 Oct 10 AM
10 Oct 5 PM
12 Oct 10 AM
13 Oct 10 AM

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Have you ever faced clients who questioned your coaching approach or strategies? With this powerful tool, you'll gain the confidence to address their concerns effectively.

Using this tool, you'll be able to:

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ABOUT ANN BETZ -  programs noc sq sign

Ann Betz, CPCC, PCC, CNTC, is the co-founder of BEabove Leadership and an international speaker and trainer on the intersection of neuroscience, coaching, and human transformation. Ann served as the neuroscience consultant to The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) for many years and provides neuroscience, leadership, and coaching consulting to many other corporations and nonprofits, including the ICF.

Frequently Asked Questions

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usually ask about
the Masterclass
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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered in the list below, please feel free to email us at

1. What’s involved in the complimentary Masterclass session?

The complimentary Masterclass session offers participants an insightful preview of the Neuroscience of Coaching course. In this session, You’ll explore all three main areas of the complex intuition system, a unique, scientifically validated way of understanding the many ways we access intuition that brings together the brain, the body and the shared consciousness.

During this 90 minutes session, you’ll get the chance to learn:

  • Understanding Intuition: Explore what intuition truly means and why it plays a pivotal role in coaching. Discover how tapping into it can lead to breakthroughs and transformation.
  • Intuition as a System: Learn why it’s essential to view intuition as a holistic system encompassing the brain, the body, and even the collective consciousness. Gain insights into the interconnectedness of these elements.
  • Aspects of the Intuition System: Dive deep into the various facets of the intuition system, unraveling the neural processes, physiological cues, and the profound influence of collective thought patterns.
  • Enhancing Your Intuition: Discover practical techniques and strategies to improve your intuition, allowing you to harness its power more effectively in your coaching practice.
  • Using Intuition with Clients: Explore how to apply your newfound understanding of intuition when working with clients. Learn how to guide them towards self-discovery and growth through intuitive coaching techniques.
2. Who is hosting the Masterclass? Who is Ann Betz?

Co-founder of BEabove Leadership and an expert on the intersection of neuroscience, coaching, trauma, and human transformation. Ann speaks, trains, and coaches internationally and writes about neuroscience and coaching as well as relational trauma. Ann is also a published poet who loves cats, rain in the desert, and healthy relationships.

3. How long is the Masterclass?

The Masterclass is 90 minutes long and will be delivered live.

4. How many CCEU’s will I get from attending the Neuroscience of Intuition Masterclass?

By attending the Masterclass, you are entitled to 1.5 CCEUs from the ICF (0,5 CC + 1 RD).

5. When will I get my CCEU Certificate for the Neuroscience of Intuition Masterclass? How do I claim my CCEUs for attending the Masterclass session?

If you’ve attended the session and completed the survey, we’ll note your request and arrange for your 1.5 CCEU certificate to be emailed to you.

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