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Accelerating Team Development and Performance

90 MinuteSession


1.5 CCEICF Units

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Are you coaching your teams to be
resilient and adaptive for the new era?

Seasoned leaders and mentors are well aware of the obstacles that prevent their teams from achieving optimal performance. Guiding teams past these hurdles is essential for their success and yours.

Ineffective communication, unclear objectives, and insufficient team unity, are significant challenges that have the potential to deprive teams of achieving extraordinary innovations.

Traditional individual-focused leadership models are becoming less effective in a landscape marked by rapid change and complex organizational issues. Modern organizations face a critical challenge to evolve team dynamics and leadership styles.

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Systemic Team Coaching

Master the art of Systemic Team Coaching and develop resilient, adaptive, value-creating teams for today's complex business landscape. -  programs tde sq quote

Prepared. Professional. Relevant. Applicable.

"I would highly recommend Systemic Team Coaching to all senior leaders and those that wish to harness the potential of diversity of thought and action to achieve the best result." -  programs tde sq rev 1

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Systemic Team Coaching Masterclass:

Join Prof. Peter Hawkins and Dr. Catherine Carr

Learn from these world-class experts in Systemic Team Coaching
who will put you at the cutting edge of Team Leadership.

90 MinuteSession


1.5 CCEICF Units

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Discover how to accelerate team development and performance.

This leading Team Coaching methodology leverages proven frameworks and tools to help you understand the nuances of team functionality and effectiveness. -  programs tde sq masterclass

This 90-minute Masterclass introduces
Team Coaching essentials such as:

Three Horizon Thinking
An introduction to the systemic framework which focuses on business as usual, innovating for tomorrow, and future foresight.

Enhanced Team Functionality
Facilitate teams to function beyond the sum of individual parts.

Systemic Being
Hold together the layers of complexity in the team coaching process.

Disruptors to Executive Coaching
Examine the impact of AI (artificial intelligence), increased internal coach teams, and peer to peer coaching within organizations.

Shift from Heroic Leader to Value-Creating Teams
Debunk the myth that leaders need to be invulnerable, and focus on developing teams as more effective collective units.

Systemic Awareness and Thinking
Identify the deeper roots of issues by coaching the connections in and outside the team unit and between key stakeholders.

Team Literacy
Understand the benefits of systemic team coaching in enhancing team literacy and effectiveness.

Clarity of Team Purpose
Help teams understand and articulate their collective purpose.

“Why am I such a fan of Systemic Team Coaching?

Well, because it covers both the internal process of a company and the external stakeholders and makes transformation a permanent process.

I think this model helps me as CEO very much! I have to have a bird's eye on my organization and on the whole ecosystem to again and again challenge: are we covering all relevant internal and external stakeholders? And by covering all of them, you create a dynamic in a trustful and sustainable way.” -  programs tde sq big review 1 ava

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Success Stories

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“Professor Peter Hawkins' Systemic Team Coaching was a game-changer! Transitioning from Heroic Leaders to Heroic Teams, highlighted the gap between coaching 20th Century leaders in a 21st Century context. This Masterclass unveils the dynamic world of Team Coaching, the fastest growing market in coaching!” -  programs tde sq slider rev 1 -  programs tde sq slider rev 1 María Eugenia Minvielle
Leadership & Career Coach

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“Systemic Team Coaching has given us a framework and a language, that transcends policies, procedures, guidelines, systems. It has given us a way to hold and what needs to be held uniform across the globe and equally align the flexibility of what needs to be different to understand all the cultural norms and differences that one has operating around the world.” -  programs tde sq slider rev 2 -  programs tde sq slider rev 2 Ashley Wright

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Elevate your coaching with Peter Hawkins' annual 13 Conversation Starters for Systemic Team Coaching. These precision 'one-liners' subtly enhance team dynamics and propel your practice to new heights. Integrate these paradoxical gems into your coaching to guide your teams towards transformational results.

Unlock the FREE Masterclass

Unlock this Free Masterclass

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered in the list below, please feel free to email us at

1. What’s involved in the complimentary Masterclass session?

This Masterclass offers a unique opportunity to learn from two world-renowned experts and explore why team coaching is the fastest growing part of the coaching industry. The session offers valuable insights into why it is important to develop value-creating teams and how to transition from individual-focused coaching to becoming an effective team coach.

2. What is Systemic Team Coaching?

The Systemic Team Coaching methodology focuses on the interconnections, relationships, and dynamics within a team. This also considers complex systems and how they impact team performance and effectiveness. By understanding these systemic factors, you can better support teams to achieve their goals, enhance collaboration, and address challenges effectively.

3. Who is hosting the Masterclass? Who are Peter Hawkins and Catherine Carr?

The Masterclass is hosted by Professor Peter Hawkins and Dr. Catherine Carr, both highly esteemed figures in the field of team coaching and leadership.

Professor Peter Hawkins is renowned as a global thought leader in Systemic Team Coaching. With a profound legacy spanning over 40 years in hands-on coaching of Boards and executive teams, Peter brings a wealth of experience to the Masterclass. His career also includes over 20 years of delivering education specifically in team coaching. As an accomplished author, he has published over 20 books focused on coaching and assisting individuals in achieving their goals. Known for his unique approach, Peter likes to keep a plant visible when coaching clients online to give them something nice to look at!

Dr. Catherine Carr is a Leadership and Team Coach, author, and a principal partner at Carr, Kline & Associates, where she has been contributing her expertise for 6 years. Her specialties lie in leadership coaching, team evaluations, and psychotherapy. Dr. Carr is a 2018 Certified Designing Your Life Coach and a Master Corporate Coach accredited by the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches. She earned her doctorate in Leadership and Professional Coaching from Middlesex University, UK, in 2012 and was honored with the prestigious Goulding award for excellence in her field.

Together, Peter Hawkins and Dr. Catherine Carr bring a dynamic combination of experience, academic insight, and practical expertise to the Masterclass, offering an invaluable learning experience for participants.

4. How long is the Masterclass?

You will unlock instant access to a 90-minute masterclass.

5. How many CCEU's will I get from watching the Systemic Team Coaching Masterclass, and when will I receive my ICF Certificate?

By watching the entire Masterclass you are entitled to 1.5 CCEUs from the ICF. (1.25 CC + 0.25 RD). You’ll receive your ICF certificate via email 24hours after watching.

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