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Marshall Goldsmith, PhD
Leadership Coach and Bestselling Author

“Every industry needs technology infrastructure and Coaching.com does a stellar job at providing the most advanced, cutting-edge platform for the coaching industry.”
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Brodie Gregory, PhD
I/O Psychologist & Coach

“Coaching.com is exactly what I needed when I led the coaching practice for a large enterprise. No other platform is as streamlined and comprehensive. This platform will dramatically enhance the way organizations manage their coaching solutions.”
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Damian Goldfarv, PhD
Former President of ICF

“Coaching.com provides the most advanced coaching management software I've seen after nearly 30 years in the industry. The design is beautiful, intuitive and easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to automate and scale their coaching practice.”
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Johan Naudé
CEO, Table Mountain Consulting Group

“Coaching.com is the best coaching management solution on the market! The flexibility, security, and intuitive interface of the platform make Coaching.com the solution for anyone seeking a state of the art coaching management platform.”
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Joe Casey
Principal, Princeton Executive Coaching

"Coaching.com delivers a cutting-edge solution that really helps make running a coaching business a lot easier, less time consuming, and seamless. Coaching.com really understands the coaching process and has helped me free up time to what matters most.”

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