Manage coaches

  • Whether they are internal or external, or independent or through a coaching company.
  • Access extensive coach profiles.
  • Ensure coaches are matched with the right clients.
  • Track progress across engagements and programs.

Track vital data

  • Understand what people are working on.
  • Track coaching utilization across time.
  • Get a pulse on how much you’re spending on coaching.
  • Ensure equitable access to coaching.

Measure impact

  • Aggregate coaching themes across your organization.
  • Customized measures that adapt to what’s important.
  • Measure coaching impact and satisfaction.
  • Easily prove the value of your investment in coaching.

Scale the use of
coaching in your


Manage internal coaches and all of your external coaching vendors in one platform.


Keep track of all coaching activity to make sure coaching is running smoothly.


Centralize all of your coaching data so that you can assess impact and prove value.


Provide coaches with access to the platform to schedule sessions, enter goals, and more.


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