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The only coaching solution you’ll ever need

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For people looking for a coach to unlock and empower their growth and potential

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For professional coaches that want to spend more time doing what they do best

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For companies that want to take their coaching practice to the next level

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For large organizations looking to enhance the impact of coaching

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We play nice with others

Integrate with your favorite tools to streamline and automate your processes. If you don’t find the integration you’re looking for, let us know! We’re continuously adding more integrations in order to help you run a more effective and impactful coaching practice.

Enterprise-grade security for everyone

Coaching.com takes security and privacy very seriously. We work with some of the world’s largest companies and extend the level of security they require to coaches everywhere.

Why Coaching.com?

Coaching.com is the most advanced platform for coaching. Our goal is to create efficiencies in the way coaching is purchased and managed so that more people are able to access this powerful and often transformative experience.

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What People are Saying about Coaching.com

Marshall Goldsmith, PhD

Leadership Coach and Bestselling Author

“Every industry needs technology infrastructure and Coaching.com does a stellar job at providing the most advanced, cutting-edge platform for the coaching industry.”

Brodie Riordan, PhD

I/O Psychologist and Coach

“Coaching.com is exactly what I wanted and needed when I led the coaching practice for a large enterprise. No other platform is as streamlined and comprehensive. This platform will dramatically enhance the way organizations manage their coaching solutions.”

Damian Goldvarg, PhD

Former President, ICF

"Coaching.com provides the most advanced coaching management software I’ve seen after nearly 30 years in the industry. The design is beautiful, intuitive and easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to automate and scale their coaching practice."

Johan Naudé, PhD

CEO, Table Mountain Consulting Group

“Coaching.com is the best coaching management platform on the market! The flexibility, security, and intuitive interface of the platform make Coaching.com the solution for anyone seeking a state of the art coaching management platform.”

Joe Casey

Principal, Princeton Executive Coaching

“Coaching.com delivers a cutting-edge solution that really helps make running a coaching business a lot easier, less time consuming, and seamless. Coaching.com really understands the coaching process and has helped me free up time to what matters most”

Trusted by leading organizations and coaches globally

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